Tuney (tuna fish alternative) Recipe



When we decided to incorporate more beans into our diets and less meat, I knew I’d need to come up with an alternative to tuna fish. Getting my children to eat it would be a “thing” all unto itself. Amazingly enough though, I got it right on the first try. This is an EXTREMELY simple and easy recipe, and you can use regular mayo (for non vegans), homemade mayo (for those wanting a healthier alternative), or vegan mayo.

We simply take chickpeas (I have used canned chickpeas that have been rinsed & drained, and I’ve also used dry chickpeas, that have been soaked, rinsed, and drained. The choice is yours.), mash them up VERY WELL, then add as much mayo as your little heart desires. It really is that simple!

You can add herbs, spices, seasonings, garlic, onion, etc. to this as well, and really personalize this to make it to your liking. I am providing this recipe as a base or starting point. My kiddos are picky and do not like the “extras”, so they tend to enjoy the simplistic nature of the basic recipe.

I have put this in wraps with fresh raw veggies, on bread, scooped it up with crackers, etc.; so it really is a wonderfully adaptable recipe.

Everyone enjoy, and please tell me how you personalized this to suit your own tastes. I’d love to hear from all of you!

Yours in Healthified Living!


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