REAL Fruit Snacks For Babies & Toddlers


I’m sure that most of us parents have seen the little freeze dried fruit & veggie snacks (they look like little drops) that they sell in the baby food section of most major retailers & grocery stores. Most of the ingredients in them are ok, but there are those pesky preservatives that do cause me some concern.

So I decided to take the concept of the freeze dried “drops” and make a frozen version of this instead for my little one. (And truth be told, these are pretty tasty for older siblings and mom & dad too!


Frozen fruit of your choice

Milk of your choice


What you do: I apologize for not being able to give exact measurements on this one. I took the frozen fruit and mixed in a little milk at a time with it, until getting the desired thick consistency that I wanted, and likewise, continued to mix in my Vitamix until I was happy with what I saw.

After blending was complete, I scooped mixture out of my Vitamix and put it all into a small sealable baggy. I snipped the corner off and made little “drops” on the plate with it. (If you have a piping bag for decorating cakes, you could get really fancy shmancy with this!) I had enough to fill 3 plates, and was sure to work quickly so that melting was kept to a minimum. I immediately froze these for a few hours. Once they were done freezing, I realized that I had made some of them way too big for my little one’s mouth, so I took a sharp knife and cut them into small enough pieces for her. I put all of the little pieces into a different sealable baggy, and placed them back into the freezer until we’re ready to use. Another easy & versatile recipe. Enjoy!


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