Strawberry Chocolate Aloe Chia Detox Smoothie


Today was day 1 of intentionally ingesting foods that will help to detox my body. I wanted to come up with a smoothie that would incorporate a lot of those detoxification elements into it. I have to say, not only does it feel good to be guzzling down stuff that I know is good for me, but it really does taste great too!

Here’s a picture of how it looks. See the CHOCOLATELY goodness?!?!!!!!


I didn’t measure this one out, but seriously – you don’t need to. Adjust the amounts of chocolate almond milk to strawberries, according to 1. how much you’d like to drink, and 2. what balance of chocolate to strawberry ratio you’d like to taste. Here’s what you’ll need:


*Chocolate Almond Milk

*Aloe Vera Juice (1 to 2 oz)

*Chia Seeds

How you’ll make it:

Figure out how you’d like your smoothie to taste – more chocolately or a stronger strawberry flavor. Place your strawberries in Vitamix or blender. Add in desired amount of chocolate almond milk. Blend until well incorporated. Pour into favorite glass or mug. Add in aloe vera juice & sprinkle desired amount of chia seeds on top. I then mixed mine up with a spoon. Drink to your heart’s content – but above all, do what the mug says.   🙂



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