Pacific Organic Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Review


Pacific Natural Foods has been nice enough to sponsor an upcoming giveaway in support of my new blog & Facebook page! In celebration of this, they have been generous enough to allow me to select 6 different soups to try & review, and then my readers will have a chance to win these same 6 soups, once I have completed all 6 of my reviews. Please keep watching for the giveaway!

So with that being said, here is a review of my 2nd soup, Organic Chicken & Wild Rice Soup.


This soup came to me in a 17.6oz box, and was shared by my husband & I. The ingredients in this soup are:

*Organic Chicken Broth

*Organic Onions

*Organic Carrots

*Organic Celery

*Organic Cooked Chicken (Organic chicken meat, water, organic corn starch)

*Organic Brown Rice

*Organic Wild Rice

*Organic Corn Starch

*Organic Roasted Chicken Skin

*Organic Chicken Fat

*Sea Salt

*Organic Onion Powder

*Organic Garlic Powder

*Organic Spices

*Organic Paprika

*Organic Turmeric

*Organic Rosemary Extract

My husband & I both enjoyed the flavor of this soup. The dominant flavor is the rice and sauce, with the chicken being mostly undetectable. The only thing I would’ve added is perhaps a pinch of salt or maybe a shake of extra garlic seasoning instead. Something to give it just a tiny bit of oomph. Overall we both really enjoyed this though, and we both give it a 4 out 5 stars. Thank you Pacific for a tasty healthy soup!

Here is a picture of all 6 soups that I received from Pacific. I’m really looking forward to sharing my reviews of each with all of you.  :-)



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