Pacific Organic Creamy Butternut Squash Soup Review


Pacific Natural Foods has been nice enough to sponsor an upcoming giveaway in support of my new blog & Facebook page! In celebration of this, they have been generous enough to allow me to select 6 different soups to try & review, and then my readers will have a chance to win these same 6 soups, once I have completed all 6 of my reviews. Please keep watching for the giveaway!

So with that being said, here is a review of my 4th soup, Organic Creamy Butternut Squash.


This soup came to me in a 32 oz box, and was shared by my children & myself. The ingredients in this soup are:

*Organic Butternut Puree

*Filtered Water

*Organic Soymilk (Filtered Water, Organic Soybeans)

*Organic Cane Sugar

*Sea Salt

*Organic Expeller Pressed Canola Oil

*Organic Rice Flour

*Natural Flavor

*Organic Onion Powder

*Organic Garlic Powder

*Organic Ginger

*Organic Nutmeg

*Organic Cinnamon

This soup is very tasty, with the onion and garlic notes shining through the butternut squash. I made my picky children try this, and neither of them cared for it (much to my dismay). I, however, really liked this, and I’m giving it a 5 out of 5 stars. I also tried adding in some almond butter (it melts very nicely in the warm soup), and sprinkled some raw cashews on top too. That really jacked up the protein content, and I felt like I was having a complete meal. Thank you Pacific for a tasty healthy soup!

Here is a picture of all 6 soups that I received from Pacific. I’m really looking forward to sharing my reviews of each with all of you.  :-)


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