High Fat Diets for Babies & Toddlers Who Aren’t Thriving



I am a very private person by nature, especially when it comes to my children, so to share this takes a lot for me. But I know that this information may help other parents who are experiencing the same problem with their child/ren, so I want to get this out there for you, or maybe even someone you know.

My youngest has had problems with gaining enough weight for a while now. I have intentionally kept her on formula, just to help get her some extra calories in each day. I’ve given her healthy solid food on a regular basis, healthy snacks, and the formula each day too, but she just wasn’t growing like she should be. I heard from many people (oh, she’s just small) and (oh, she’s just going to be a petite person), and while I appreciated the comments, I also felt that something else was going on in my heart.

A recent visit to our pediatrician revealed my deepest fears for her. She hadn’t gained ANY weight in the last 2 months at all, despite my best efforts. I sat there and had myself a little cry, right in front of the doctor.

Our conversation then shifted to putting my toddler on a high fat diet. She first suggested butter, which I winced at, and I then answered back with, “what about coconut oil instead?”. She agreed that that would be great, and I then suggested avocados, to which she also agreed. She then suggested olive oil, and I asked if grapeseed would work instead (since that’s what I have on hand) and she said yes. I then told her about the bag of hemp hearts that I have here too, which are high in both good fat AND protein, and which baby happens to love. She said to definitely give her that, as much as she wants. She also asked if baby (I say baby, but she’s 16 months) likes nuts, and I said yes that she loves them. So we are giving her those too, but in small chewable pieces, of course. And something else that the doc and I didn’t discuss, but I later thought of, is coconut milk. I’ve been adding that to baby’s bottles, and mixing it 3/4 formula 1/4 coconut milk (so that she gets used to the taste of the coconut milk gradually). She takes it like a champ, and actually loves everything that I’ve given her so far. I’ve even mixed oatmeal flakes with coconut milk for her, just to give a little variety. The doctor also suggested boiled eggs, which baby loves too.

I wanted to make it a point to mention that this is only day #3 of this higher fat diet for her, but that I’ve noticed a wonderful side effect of it. I noticed that baby’s vocabulary has nearly DOUBLED in the last 2 days, since we’ve implemented this new way of eating for her! I realized that she had been saying a lot more words, and decided to write down all of the words she says. That’s when I discovered the nearly doubled vocabulary and was totally blown away by it! She has never said mama very often, only when she really really needed my attention. But the last few days she has been walking around behind me saying, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” And she now points to so many different things saying what they are (she did this on a lesser level before, but didn’t really try to repeat back what I was saying that much). She even tried saying “coconut”, which came out “coco”. Bless her heart!

So this is our story so far. We have another appointment to see the doctor in a few months, because I love my baby so much that I want to keep an eye on this and make sure that she finally grows. I hope that this information will help even 1 other struggling parent out there, who may also have a slow growing baby and not know what to do for them. If I wasn’t convinced enough already (don’t worry, I was), I am now 1,000,000% convinced that food can most certainly heal our bodies, and give it exactly what it needs to grow, change, and even learn!

Please feel free to share this link as much as you’d like. I want every parent dealing with this to have access to this information. Thanks for reading and sharing everyone! Blessings!


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