Gold Peak Tea Ingredients Revealed


Yesterday we were out and about running errands and needed to fill the car up with gas. My husband was being very sweet and purchased an unsweetened tea for me (which is what I asked for). The selection was limited (we normally purchase Pure Leaf tea) so he purchased the Gold Peak Tea instead. After I had already downed half of the bottle, I realized that neither of us had read the ingredients label yet. Oh boy!


Pure Leaf tea this is most definitely not! Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea contains: Water, Natural Flavors, Tea, Caramel Color, and Phosphoric Acid. So my first question is, why does an unsweetened, unflavored tea need “natural flavors”? And I pose the same exact question for the caramel color too. A quick look over on EWG’s cosmetic database reveals that phosphoric acid is safe. Another quick look on the back of the bottle reveals that Coca Cola is the maker of this tea, which would probably explain the desire for using the caramel color (since they use it in their colas to make them look pretty).

I did notice a slight headache creeping up after drinking about 3/4 of this bottle. I’m not sure if that was from the natural caffeine, the “natural flavors” or the caramel color, but it sure wasn’t fun. It did taste good, but so does my Pure Leaf tea, and that has none of the icky stuff in it that this one does, so I’ll just be sticking with that in the future.


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  1. While I have been loving Gold Peak Sweetened Tea, I made the mistake of leaving a half cup of it on my nightstand overnight. Not thinking (because I leave beverages out overnight often if I fall asleep before I finish them), I thought since it was in a covered container it was fine. I proceeded to refresh, or so I thought, the tea with some that was cold. I noticed an off taste like mold and proceeded to check the cup. Mold spores had started to form “big time” in my cup after 12 or more hours. I hope I don’t become ill from it, and lesson learned–will never drink that tea again after it has been sitting unchilled for a Lo g period of time.

  2. What are the “natural flavors” ? Those are the ingredients that might need to be revealed… I usually read ingredients better, but I fell for it, and bought this and put it in the freezer, then i eat it like a slushy and it’s delicious but I won’t buy it again. Thanks… “Claire Was Here”

    • I too would like to know what the “natural flavors” are in the Gold Peak Green Tea. I need to know if it may be Aspartame as Aspartame is toxic for me.

  3. Butter has “natural flavoring” added. (Lots of things have it.) I was told it was a bacterial by-product in my nutrition class decades ago. I will try to look up the chemical name if anyone is interested? I kept it just in case.
    It is the foods like high fructose corn syrup and GMO yellow corn/squash/soy, etc., that have documented ill effects (hypertension, obesity, hyperuricemia, liver disease, cancer, etc. (You could try a book called “The Sugar Fix.”) Finding out that GMO products are in nearly every food product we eat now and that they only have a fraction of the nutritional value of non-GMO foods–not to mention the side effects is a shocker.
    Did you know that the people that eat in the Monsanto (they make the pesticide Roundup) plant’s cafeteria insisted on organic foods as part of their contract? Californians hurt themselves and their families when they voted that these Agrochemical companies did not have to label GMO foods. Ignorance is dangerous. My favorite newsletter for its friendly, easily readable style is Nutrition Action ( like the Consumer Reports of the food world–And they accept no advertising!!). My kids have grown up reading it and are, happily, even more knowledgeable than I am for it. Like Uranium (235?) fructose has different types, but IMO the man-made HFCS is the worst. Two years ago, I went off my BP meds after cutting out all the HFCS. My renal doc was so surprised at the drop in my pressure. Then about 4 months ago, it started creeping up again. After a whole lotta looking, it just dawned on me that I had not checked the white citrus tea I had been buying at a certain eatery. Since it’s made by the Coca Cola people, I shouldn’t be surprised. *sigh* You have to watch everything!

    P.S. Anything with any nutritional value will begin growing mold and other critters immediately. You just can’t see them till there are a LOT of microscopic things. That’s why the letter grades on restaurants begin dropping if they find any food left out. There’s all kinds of laws to protect your health this way that you may never know about…like a hospital must refrigerate deceased bodies within 2 hours–thats why there is no waiting for your cousin from Timbuctoo to arrive “in a day or so.” So, please refrigerate anything that isn’t canned, dehydrated, or preserved. Heck! I even refrigerate my flour (but not my batteries–it’s a fallacy) to slow the breakdown of the oils and vitamins in it. Ever smell rancid flour?
    Sorry for the epistle.
    From the Queen of Entropy and Minutiae!

  4. Pure Leaf is brewed in large containers with hot water and actual tea leafs just like we would but in small containers at home. Gold’s Peak clearly says on the bottle that it is made from “tea powder”.

  5. Pure Leaf is by Pepsi and has an insane amount of sugar in the flavored and sweet. Also plenty of artificial ingredients and preservatives..

  6. I just searched this topic because I noticed a change in the taste about a month ago. The ingredients changed. I remember the ingredients being simple… tea with citric acid for preservative. Now it has phosphoric acid, caramel coloring and natural flavors. I was just reading articles on what phosphates do to our bodies including damage to kidneys. I’m done drinking this product. It was my favorite for years.

  7. I too noticed a difference in the taste several months ago. I going to try another brand. Since they changed the ingredients, it has been making me feel sick when I drink it.

  8. fred & corey, indeed they changed the formula and it now uses instant tea powder, and the “natural flavoring” could come from ANYTHING “organic,” which could actually mean anything made of a plant or animal product (Look up the ACTUAL meaning of “organic” vs. inorganic)
    To me it tastes like they added chewing tobacco!
    Disgusting stuff, now.
    I would only buy unsweetened tea, the AriZona brand is (last I checked) OK because I don’t like sweet drinks of any sort, but this one took the cake for almost making me puke.

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