Homemade Coconut Chocolate Chip Oskri Bars


Since purchasing the Oskri Almond bars the other day, I knew that I wanted to try making these myself. It not only saves me a lot of money, but it’s probably also a bit healthier for my little one to be consuming honey, as opposed to brown rice syrup.

I was really happy with how easily these came together, and how few ingredients I needed to make them. I basically tried to mimic the original Oskri bars as closely as I could, and with the exception of the slightly noticeable honey flavor, I think I came pretty close to doing just that.


2 cups Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

1/4 cup Honey

1/4 cup Chocolate Chips


Measure all ingredients, then place them in a bowl. Gently mix everything together until it’s well combined. Dump the mixture into a small square glass dish. Spread the mixture evenly around the dish, then press somewhat firmly into dish. Cover with plastic wrap, then place in freezer long enough to make mixture firm. Remove from freezer, then cut into bars (like Oskri bars look) or squares, whichever you prefer. I’ve included pictures of both.


I decided to add the chocolate chips in on this trial run instead of nuts, since nuts are much more expensive, and I wasn’t sure if these would even be edible. Thankfully I hit the mark on the 1st try with beginner’s luck! Next time I think I’ll make them with raw cashews (until I can run to the store and get some almonds to blend up and add).


I used unsweetened macaroon coconut in this recipe, which ended up being more of a nuisance than anything. These were already beginning to fall apart on me when I took this last photo. Especially on the square pieces. I would strongly suggest using the shredded coconut, not the macaroon coconut like I did. I think it’ll hold together much more nicely than these did. My daughter still enjoyed these very much, so they are definitely still edible, falling apart or not!  😉  Enjoy!


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