Jack Lallane Juicer Review



*In the photos above, you can see how much pulp was left on top of the juices.

So last week I was all revved up and ready to rock n roll with my juice fast (thanks to the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead). I purchased a Jack Lallane juicer, because it was what’s available to me here locally. I got it home and promptly juiced some oranges and grapefruits together. That juice turned out wonderfully, and my husband & I enjoyed it a lot. Then I decided to try the strawberries & kale together. Disaster! The juicer kept eating, and eating, and eating the spinach leaves, with very little juice coming out the spout. So I decided to open up the juicer to see what was going on, and sure enough, there were all of my pretty spinach leaves – staring me back in the face, nearly still intact. I did roll them up into a ball, as the instructions stated to do, but that juicer did not like my greens at all. It also left the strawberries in large slices, which I found strange too.

Upon some later research on my part (research I wish I had done BEFORE purchasing this juicer), I discovered that the Jack Lallane juicer is a high speed juicer, which explains why it didn’t do the greens very well. (I suspect many a seasoned juicee (is that even a word?) to be sitting there nodding your heads in understanding with what I’m saying.) Slow juicers are the way to go, for those who want lots of the leafy good stuff in the glasses.

I also did not like that I had to use a tool to carefully remove the blade inside of the basket, so that I could clean it out. I was afraid of cutting myself, and approached it with quite a bit of trepidation. The basket was also pretty difficult to clean out, the machine is very large and loud, the top part of the juice spout is not covered, so juice spits out EVERYWHERE during the juicing process, there is oodles and oodles of wet pulp leftover up inside the pulp chute cover, and half chewed up greens too!

I decided to go ahead and take this juicer back, and to do some more research here online, before ordering a different brand that would better suit my juicing needs. I decided on  a Hurom, and am completely loving it BTW. I will write a separate review for that here shortly.

All in all I would say that if you will never be juicing leafy greens, or if you simply cannot afford to purchase a slow juicer, than this one would definitely be better than nothing at all. But the old adage comes to mind: You definitely get what you pay for.


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