Lemon Lime Water In A Jar


Let’s face it – sometimes drinking a lot of water each day can get kind of, well, boring! I wanted to come up with a way to not only ensure that I am getting in as much water as humanly possible, but also to figure out a way to actually ENJOY it. So I began thinking about all of the lovely Ball & Mason jars that I just so happened to have on hand, and I devised a plan that would include both my desire for more of the good stuff, and the need to enjoy it.

I decided that lemons and limes would be a great place to start. Both are refreshing tasting, lemons are cleansing to the body, and both are easy to clean up, slice up, and throw into the pretty glass jars. The glass jars don’t have any chemicals to leach into my water, and they store nice and easily in my refrigerator too. Not to mention the easy on and off lids/rings that are standard with most canning jars.

What you’ll need:

4 quart size canning jars

6 limes

4 lemons

Kangen water (highly alkalized/oxygenated water) or just plain old water will work too


What you’ll do:

Clean lemons and limes thoroughly. Slice them up, removing seeds from lemons as you go. Place 1 lemon in each jar, and 1 1/2 limes in each jar. (At this point you can either choose to A. muddle your lemons and limes after you’ve placed them in the jars, or B. you can squeeze them before putting them into the jars, or C. you can leave them intact, allow the juices to flavor your water, drink it all down once, and then squeeze them before refilling your glass jar. With my Kangen water, it allows me to use the lemons & limes twice, which is awesome. More bang for my buck, so to speak. That way my 4 jars full of lemony lime water last me for 2 days, instead of just 1. Brilliant. Place your jars in the fridge and allow to get nice and cold (if you wish), then enjoy at your leisure.


Feel free to experiment with other fruits and herbs too. The possibilities really are endless with this. Whatever your heart desires! Cheers!


* I took this picture after shaking it up a bit, taking the lid off, and taking a few sips. So good!

***Many thanks to Nourishing Treasures for featuring this recipe on her 4/29 Make Your Own! Monday Link Up.


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