Great Green Juice


I had some celery, cucumbers, and spinach left that was in dire need of using up, so I decided to go ahead and juice it all together today. I knew that it’d be highly green in flavor, and wasn’t sure if I’d regret my decision to juice it all together. I was actually surprised by how unoffensive it was, and found it to be dominated by the celery.

So with that being said, here is the recipe for my Great Green Juice…..



* 1 1/2 heads of celery (I used organic)

* 3ish cups of spinach leaves

* 2 cucumbers


* Wash all veggies, peel cucumbers & cut ends of celery off. Cut into appropriate sized pieces to fit in your juicer chute. Juice all veggies, pour juice through strainer to remove all remaining celery strands, and enjoy.

***Note – This is a VERY green tasting juice. If you don’t like the flavor of green, you may want to add in a fruit to offset the great green flavor. A canteloupe would be a nice addition to this.


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