Garden of Life Raw Chocolate Protein Review


I purchased this protein powder in the hopes that it would taste equally as good as this company’s Raw Chocolate Meal that I have gotten in the past. I have a lap band, which makes the thick meal hard to get down for me at times. So something a little thinner that wouldn’t block the way was what I was hoping for.


I had first tried this shake with some unsweetened almond milk. Oh my goodness was it ever HORRIBLE! It had very little taste, was gritty, and I nearly dumped it out. My hopes were dashed. I decided to give it one more try with some whole cow’s milk. I don’t drink a lot of cow’s milk because I prefer almond milk and coconut milk. But I was desperate to make this work, especially since I had already spent the money on this. With the cow’s milk it’s still just okay. It’s a little more flavorful and at least I can choke it down, but it’s still extremely gritty and doesn’t taste at all chocolately, not even in the healthy sense of real chocolate (like the meal flavor has).

Overall this protein powder was a huge disappointment for me. I will never purchase this again, and am opting instead to try the Sun Warrior and Vega brands. Vega is expensive, but I wouldn’t need a multivitamin anymore if I drank it daily, which is worth the extra cost to me.


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