Lemon & Lime Juice Concentrate Recipe


So the other day I was digging through my fridge and found 3/4 of a bag of lemons & 3/4 of a bag of limes that were needing to be used up soon. So I decided to give them all a bath, and got juicing them.


What You’ll Need:

* Equal parts of lemons & limes (You determine the amount you want to use. But remember – the more you juice, the more concentrate you’ll have to use up.)

What You’ll Do:

* Give all lemons & limes a good cleaning. Use a sharp knife to remove all skins. Lemons peel much easier than limes, since limes have tougher skins. So it’s much easier just to cut away all of the skins, rather than trying to peel them off.

Cut lemons & limes in half (especially if you have a slow masticating juicer like a Hurom or an Omega. Be sure that all seeds are removed from your lemons, since seeds can hurt your juicer. Juice them all up, then take your concentrate and pour into your favorite pitcher or mason jar. Add 1/3 concentrate to 2/3 water and enjoy!


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