Spiwi Juice Recipe


I had a bunch of kiwis that were nearing the end of their lifecycle, along with a brand new bag of spinach that was just begging to be used, so I came up with this naturally sweet and refreshing juice that I thoroughly enjoyed.


What you’ll need:

* 8 Kiwis (scrubbed clean and ends cut off)

* 1 – 2 cups of Spinach (I used closer to 1 cup)


What you’ll do:

Cut Kiwis in half and possibly in quarters, depending on the juicer that you have, and size of kiwis. If you have a slow juicer (like a Hurom or Omega) you won’t need to peel the skins off of your kiwis.

Begin loading your spinach, then kiwi into your juicer. I alternated to be safe, ending with the last of the kiwi.

Give your juice a little stir when finished, and enjoy!


***You could add some aloe to this to add a touch more refreshing flavor. Aloe is a great digestive tract aid as well.


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