Mushroom Veggie Roll, Smoked Gouda & Broccoli Slaw Sandwich


After cracking into the Mushroom Veggie Roll, I immediately began scanning my refrigerator for something to compliment the mushroom flavor. Answer – smoked gouda cheese. I admittedly accidentally cut WAY too thick of a piece, but oh my was it GOOD anyway!

Now if you’re a vegan reading this and thinking, “I can’t eat that cheese!”, please don’t lose heart! You can EASILY nix the smoked gouda, and instead use a Daiya vegan “cheese” slice in either provolone or swiss flavors. Problem solved!


What you’ll need:

* 1 Whole Grain Bun

* Elianni Mushroom Veggie Roll slices

* Smoked Gouda Cheese (or Daiya vegan “cheese” slices in swiss or provolone for a vegan version)

* Broccoli Slaw

* Mayo or your favorite vegan mayo or dressing


What you’ll do:

Gently separate the top & bottom of the bun. Lay open on plate, and coat with your favorite mayo, vegan mayo, or dressing. Slice off as many pieces of the Mushroom Veggie Roll as you’d like, and lay on bottom half of bun. Slice off a generous size of the smoked gouda or your favorite vegan sliced cheese, then layer on top of the veggie roll. Sprinkle broccoli slaw on top half of bun, then gently flip the bottom bun on top of the broccoli slaw covered bun and flip upright onto plate. Cut sandwich in half, if you wish, and enjoy it thoroughly!


I purchased all of the above at They are featuring this product right now as Buy One Get One Free on their web site. They also offer: Vegetarian Jerky, many varieties of Meat Substitutes, and vegetarian Seasoning, Sauces, and Condiments too. They have been kind enough to do an upcoming giveaway for my blog, so please keep your eyes open for that.

Everyone have a super day!


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