Elianni Tomato Veggie Roll Review & Upcoming Veggie Roll Giveaway Announcement


I had posted a week ago (on the Healthified Living FB page) about getting the Elianni Veggie Rolls from fakemeats.com. I purchased one roll in each flavor, and I’ll do a separate review/post for each flavor.

I’m also going to be doing a giveaway that will be sponsored by fakemeats.com. The folks over there are so nice, and have decided to give 2 Veggie Rolls each to 2 winners. I’ll be starting the giveaway once I’ve reviewed all 4 of these flavors.

Fakemeats.com is a fairly new company and was started by Steven & Kim, a husband and wife, who are vegetarian & vegan. They wanted to have a nice collection of “fake meat” products for their customers to choose from, and are steadily growing their business and product line. You can read their whole story right here.


When I was looking on the fakemeats.com web site, I was pleasantly surprised to find these tasty looking Veggie Rolls. I am steadily phasing meat out of my diet, and am always on the lookout for soy free products.

These Veggie Rolls have a peanut base, but do not taste like peanuts. They also contain delicious herbs and spices, and are both Vegan, and USDA Organic certified. This is extremely filling and excellent on crackers, as well as by itself. They come in 4 different flavors – Mediterranean, Mushroom, Tomato, and Fine Herbs.

This Tomato version was a bit spicy and reminded me of spaghetti sauce. It was like a veggie roll, that was doused in slightly spicy spaghetti sauce. I would definitely eat this veggie roll again, but probably only when the mood struck me. I definitely liked the  Mediterranean & Fine Herbs flavors the best out of all of them. I made a sandwich with this, using a whole grain flat bun, mayo, nutritional yeast flakes, broccoli slaw, and the Tomato Veggie Roll. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars, and my oldest daughter gives it 2 stars. My husband & toddler have not yet had a chance to try this, so I can’t give their reviews yet.

It has been fun trying all of these Elianni Veggie Roll flavors, and I’m very excited to be doing the giveaway for them now! I will do the giveaway here very shortly, and will explain how it works in that post.

Thank you for reading everyone, and have a super great day!



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