Rhubarb-Ade Recipe


My mother-in-law has a huge patch of rhubarb near her home that has pretty much been forgotten by time. It’s organic and juicy and huge, and we took a bunch of it. We brought it home and tasted some of it raw, and decided to juice it and turn it into Rhubarb-Ade (similar to Lemonade).

If you have a fast juicer, I’m not sure how much juice this will make for you, or how well it will break the rhubarb down (but you could certainly always try). If you have a slow juicer (like an Omega VRT or Hurom or upright Breville) then you will need to cut the pieces of rhubarb up small (into about 2 inch pieces) and pass them through the chute slowly. I also was sure to shut the machine off between each cup to 2 cups (depending on how thick the pieces were) and to clean all of the threads out of the basket and pulp chute. And an important note – you will not have pulp coming out of the pulp chute at all with this. All that remains after juicing are the outer threads of the rhubarb, which will need to be removed (because they build up) from the basket and grinding mechanism. I took apart the whole thing multiple times, which was ok with me, since we got TONS of juice out of it.



What you’ll need:

* 2 1/2 cups rhubarb juice

* 2 quarts filtered water

* 1 cup raw sugar (or granulated sugar of your choice – coconut sugar, sucanat, etc.)


What you’ll do:

Juice your rhubarb (enough to yield 2 1/2 cups), skim the foam from the top of the juice with either a spoon, or by pouring through a mesh sieve. Pour the juice into a 2 quart pitcher, and fill fully with filtered water. Add 1 cup of raw sugar (or granulated sugar of your choice) and stir very well, until sugar dissolves. Pour yourself a nice big glass and enjoy! This tastes a lot like strawberry juice, and even my picky children loved this!


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