Cocoa Via Ingredients Revealed


It annoys me beyond belief that this product markets itself as a healthy, daily supplement. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in the “Dark Chocolate Sweetened” version:


The first ingredient is cocoa powder. Ok, that’s fine. Next we have maltodextrin. This ingredient is used as a thickener and can be derived from many different sources, some NOT being gluten free, which can cause problems for those with celiac disease. This can cause problems for those who suffer with IBD as well, and has zero nutritional value. The next ingredient is “natural flavor” which could pretty much mean anything, and could include ingredients that are not so natural. Next we have carrageenan, which is another thickener, and has been shown to have a link with tumor promotion, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, and multiple gastrointestinal issues. After this is salt, then soy lecithin. Nearly all soy grown in the US is now genetically modified, not to mention the havoc that it wreaks on hormones in both men & women (unfermented soy and non organic forms of soy in general). And finally, we have sucralose. Sucralose is sugar that has had chlorine atoms added into it. Tests found that rodents who consumed this ingredient had shrunken thymus glands, enlarged livers, and enlarged kidneys. Yummy. Just what I want to be eating every day. (being sarcastic here)

The fact that a company can market this product as healthy infuriates me. Imagine that unsuspecting customers are buying into this “healthy” lie, and buying the product to consume it daily as their “healthy” supplement. Can you imagine the havoc this must be wreaking on their systems!

I am so glad that this company at least is honest enough to list their ingredients on their web site. That way we customers can make an informed decision BEFORE purchasing!

Yours in health, Healthified Living

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