Eden Dentie Toothpowder Review


I purchased this product yesterday at the Eden Store in Clinton, MI. I have been wanting to try this tooth powder for quite some time now, and am new to the whole tooth powder thing, so it was actually fun for me to use this last night for the first time.


First I noticed the gritty texture of this (which in this case is actually a good thing, since that’s what helps to clean the teeth), and then I noticed the salty flavor of it (which again, is actually a good thing, because it helps to clean the teeth). I was impressed by how clean my mouth felt after I was done brushing. Even my gums felt great, which admittedly don’t feel quite that clean, after using non fluoridated toothpaste. I also noticed that a little of this goes a long way. You simply dip a wet bristled tooth brush into the tooth powder jar, and get just the tips of your bristles covered with this. If you use too much it will be a total over load for your mouth (I used a little too much the first time, and could tell that it was way too much).

I will definitely keep using this product, since my mouth feels so much cleaner with it than regular non fluoride toothpaste. It is much cheaper to purchase it in the Eden Store, than what it is online. So if you live anywhere near Clinton, MI, I encourage you to go! The store is small, but contains all of Edens products, as well as a small amount of Weleda products to choose from too. If you can’t make it to the store but would like to purchase this product from Eden, here is a link to this product’s page on their web site.

Happy brushing everyone!


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