My Trip to The Eden Store! (picture heavy)


Yesterday my sister, mom, and I all traveled to the Eden Store in Clinton, MI. The store was small, but chocked full of everything that they carry on their web site, and then some! They also offer some Weleda personal care products in their store, and have a cute little free sample basket of pastas to choose from too. The cashier that works there is super nice AND super helpful. She helped me gain permission from the powers that be, to take photos of the inside of the store, so that I could share them here with all of you. I hope that you enjoy all of the fun things that I saw and did while at the Eden Store yesterday.  🙂


When we first pulled up, I noticed the cute little directional sign outside of the store.


The walls of the store have very large pictures with inspirational food oriented sayings on them.



There are many visually pleasing and category specific “sections” to the store. Everything beautifully in its place.

Here is the soy milk section. Eden Soy is the only soy milk that I personally will drink, or give to my family. They do not process their soy milk with the toxic chemical hexane, and they are the only company in the US who makes their soy milk in a way befitting to human consumption. They offer many options to please nearly every palate. I chose their Chocolate Soy Milk, as well as their Vanilla Extra and Original Extra.


Eden offers oodles of options for cans of rice & beans. I purchased their Caribbean & Moroccan varieties.


They have many whole grains to choose from, including quinoa & red quinoa!


They have so many delicious pastas to choose from. I snagged some Artichoke Ribbons, Kamut Vegetable Spirals, and some free samples of their Small Vegetable Shells.


Eden offers some nice options by way of tomato products. They have spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, diced tomatoes, and crushed tomatoes.


Eden offers regular sized cans of beans and larger sized cans of beans, in many various types. I purchased a few of their larger sized cans of Chickpeas, since we use them frequently.


Eden has a cute little selection of snack oriented items. My husband requested the Wild Berry Mix, as well as the All Mixed Up mix. The Wild Berry Mix is already gone, so it must be super delicious!


Eden offers a nice selection of imported foods too. Many variations of authentic Japanese Soba Noodles, Udon Noodles, Sea Vegetables, Mochi, other kinds of noodles (like Saifun), Freeze Dried Tofu, Chips & Crackers, Ume Plum products, Soy Sauces, Miso, etc. I snagged some Soba Noodles and Udon Noodles, and can’t wait to try them!


Eden has a nice variety of Teas to choose from, including some traditional Japanese flavors. I purchased the Sencha Rose tea, and plan to make some this evening.


Here is the Oil & Vinegar section at Eden. There are many types and flavors for you to try.


Here’s their cute little gift basket section. Makes gift giving so easy!


Here is the Eden Flour section. They had so many healthy flour options to choose from!


Here is the Eden Condiments section. I purchased some Garlic Gomasio while there, and have to say – it’s pretty good!


Here’s the Eden Store cashier. I sadly did not think to ask her her name (because I was so excited to just be there!). She was so friendly and helpful, and was a joy to meet.


Here’s me & the Eden Store cashier. She was so nice to agree to pose with me. (please excuse the horrible hair I had here)  🙂


And here’s another picture of me, just to prove that I don’t always look so bad. LOL

Here are some pictures of everything that I purchased while at the Eden Store, as well as a picture of the nice swag that the sweet cashier gave to me. I love getting free stuff!






All in all it was a super fun time had by all! I hope to make it back there at tax time next year, since everything in their store costs less than on their web site. They do this as a service to the community, which is wonderful. What a great experience! Thanks Eden!


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  1. Great job sharing your trip to the Eden Store! Thanks for supporting Eden!

    Store Girl

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