Strawberry Raspberry Lemonade



I had some strawberries, raspberries, and lemons that needed to be used up quickly, so I decided to make this refreshing lemonade with them. My family really enjoyed it, and hopefully you will too.  ❤


Strawberry Raspberry Lemonade


* 1 cup strawberries

* 1 cup raspberries

*4 small lemons

* 1/2 cup sugar of choice (I used raw, but you could also use sucanat, turbinado, coconut, agave, honey, etc.)

* filtered water

* 1 quart pitcher



Juice the strawberries, raspberries, and lemons. Pour the juice from the juicing container, into your favorite 1 quart pitcher. Pour sugar of choice in. Fill remainder of pitcher with filtered water. I had about 1/3 container of juice to 2/3 container of water. Stir all together well, until sugar is well incorporated. Place lid on pitcher, pour juice into glass/es, and enjoy!

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