Cheezy Bean Dip Recipe & Eden Refried Beans Review


Last night I was longing for something with beans in it. I knew that I’d need to get creative, so I went to the pantry and began selecting different items to make a dip with. The results were fantastic, and something that the entire family enjoyed.


Cheezy Bean Dip


* Cheese/s of choice, shredded for easy melting (I didn’t measure, just added to taste.)

* 1 Can Refried Beans (I used Eden Foods’ Refried Black Beans)

* 1 Can Black Beans



Shred your cheese/s and add to pan. Add both cans of beans also, and heat until cheese/s are completely melted, and beans are warmed through. Use for dipping tortilla chips or for filling in tortillas or tacos. You could add salsa, sour cream, green onions, nutritional yeast flakes, etc.. Enjoy!


Eden Foods Refried Black Beans Review


Before adding these with the other ingredients to make my dip with, I decided to take a few bites of this on its own, because I wanted to see what they tasted like by themselves. I have always liked refried beans, but had never had such “clean” tasting ones before. I know it must sound strange to refer to refried beans as clean tasting, but that’s the best word that I can use to describe them. They tasted clean, fresh, and just plain GOOD! I would choose these any day over the other traditional store brands of refried beans that I am accustomed to eating. I highly recommend this brand of delicious organic Refried Black Beans! WTG Eden!

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