Eden Foods Artichoke Ribbons Review



The first thing that I noticed upon opening this box, was the wonderful aroma that came from it. Not only does the box SAY artichoke, but the product actually SMELLED like what it said it was, which can’t be said for all brands and their products. After boiling these, I decided to try some, before mixing them in with my other ingredients. These still tasted like artichoke after boiling, and the texture was very nice, and slightly al dente (after boiling them for 6-7 minutes, according to package directions).

I am very impressed with how Eden Foods makes their pastas, and you can actually read more about that on their pasta web site. They take the slow, but better approach, and use vintage equipment to make ALL of their pastas with. Here is also a link to this product on their main web site, if you are interested in reading specifically about it (the Artichoke Ribbons).

Bon appetit!

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