Healthified Macaroni Salad


I wanted to make a macaroni salad with healthy ingredients that the whole family would love. Here it is…

Here are pictures of some of the ingredients I used:

Eden Foods Organic Kamut Vegetable Spirals (these are so much fun!)


Eden Foods Organic Small Vegetable Shells (these are the freebie boxes I snagged on my trip to their store!)


Fresh from the farm Banty Eggs. (so cute!)


Healthified Macaroni Salad

Complete Ingredients List:

* 1 Box Eden Foods Organic Kamut Vegetable Spirals (you don’t have to add in the small boxes of shells, like I did)

* Eggs (no set amount here, add to your tastes) – Vegans could use tofu or seitan chunks instead.

* 1 Can Peas (or equivalent amount of fresh cooked peas)

* Mayo of choice

* Garlic Powder (to taste)

Add Ins – You could definitely add in some nutritional yeast flakes, some chunked cheese, some tofu chunks, some flavored seitan chunks, some other veggies (broccoli would be awesome in this dish instead of the peas!) etc.. Be creative and have fun!


Boil noodles, drain, return to pan. Boil eggs, drain, cool, peel, and cut into bite sized pieces or chop. Place eggs, peas, and any other add ins you’ve chosen, in with noodles. Add garlic powder and mayo to taste, and enjoy!


This dish is so versatile and perfect for sharing at family gatherings, reunions, potlucks, get togethers, etc.!



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