Wally’s Ear Oil Review


Wally’s Ear Oil is such an amazing product, that I knew I had to share it with all of you. I tend to have finicky ears at times – like when the wind is whipping around outside, and I have no cotton in my ears. If I don’t use Wally’s Ear Oil shortly thereafter, then I pay dearly for it with  a massive headache that literally incapacitates me for the rest of the day, or the whole day after. Sometimes it turns into a migrane, which makes it even that much worse. This busy mom has no time for such things, so I am eternally grateful for Wally’s Ear Oil.

Wally’s is a lovely herbal blend in a carrier oil, and not much is needed at a time (You only use a few drops at a time.), so the bottle lasts forever.  It can be used for ear sensitivities (like I just described), for ear aches, to stave off ear infections, etc..

I’ll never be without this product, and recommend this for everyone’s medicine cabinet. This is a great herbal alternative that actually works.



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