Easy Apple Cherry Yogurt (no yogurt maker required, vegan option)


I had purchased some Apple Cherry Butter when down at the Eden store a few weeks back, and wanted to come up with some different ways to use it. I also like to purchase plain yogurt for myself, because I find that the flavored versions are always so high in sugar. Even the healthier brands of yogurts tend to be way too high in sugar for my liking. Then it hit me – why not combine these 2 products to make a low in sugar and healthy yogurt?!?! It’s so simple to combine these 2 things, and is easily adjusted to each person’s individual taste preferences. You can add as little or as much of the apple cherry butter in the yogurt as you’d like, and the fact that there is no added sugar and no processed sugar in this (the yogurt or the apple cherry butter) really makes my heart sing!


Easy Apple Cherry Yogurt


* Yogurt of choice (I used Stoneyfield Farms Plain Whole Yogurt, but vegans could use plain or vanilla soy milk for this)

* Eden Foods Apple Cherry Butter


Simply combine 2 ingredients together to your liking and enjoy!

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