Transforming Your Pantry With Glass Jars


I have been using the large 2 quart Mason jars now for the last couple of years to store flour in, but have never really maximized my usage of them for all of the dry goods in my pantry. So while on an accidental caffeine buzz a few nights back, I decided to really utilize my jars for my dry goods storage.

My mother-in-law did some deep cleaning, and happened to stumble upon 6 beautifully preserved 2 quart jars, and asked me if I wanted them. Um, yes please! So I used those 6 jars to store all of my pastas and beans in, and then began dipping into my 1 quart jars to store my popcorn, coconut, nuts, flax seeds, etc., in too. The more I can store in glass, as opposed to plastic, the better off my family’s health is, and the less space I’m taking up in my pantry.

I also love that I can see exactly what’s in the glass jars, and there are no tricky plastic lids to remove either. Some of my bulk spices are still in plastic, because I need to invest in some tiny glass jars for those, but nearly everything else is in glass now.

Here are some pictures of my pantry as it is now, minus the top shelf, which just has all of my little glass jars of seasonings, spices, vanilla, coconut oil, etc. on it. No bigger glass jars to show you.

This shelf has my bulk spices to the left, and jars full of vegetable bouillon cubes, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder, salt, popcorn, brown sugar, coconut, almonds, etc..


This shelf has rice, wild rice, beans of all types, quinoa, oats, and split green peas on it.


This shelf has more beans, flour, and oodles of different kinds of pastas on it. The plastic canisters to the left are what I had some of this stored in before, and I need to figure out what to do with them now. Maybe we can use them for storing camping supplies in.


And here are some extras that I need to find room for. Once I move all of the large plastic storage containers out of the pantry, I’ll have room for these in there. It’s a work in progress.  🙂



* Many thanks to Nourishing Treasures for featuring this blog article on your 7/15 Make Your Own Monday link up!


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