Moroccan Rice & Beans In Swiss Chard Wraps


I made this dish for lunch today, and was so pleased with the end results. It is a quick and easy dish to make, and is the epitome of healthy fast food.


Moroccan Rice & Beans In Swiss Chard Wraps


* 1 can Eden Organic Moroccan Rice & Beans

* Hemp Seeds (sprinkle at will)

* Raw Sunflower Seeds (sprinkle at will)

* Dash of Cinnamon

* Dash of Himalayan Pink Salt

* Swiss Chard Leaves (as many as you’d like, depending on how many wraps you want to make)


Note: This makes approximately 4 wraps.



Heat the can of Moroccan Beans and rice over medium heat, until heated through. Add in salt, cinnamon, raw sunflower seeds and hemp seeds. Stir until combined. Clean swiss chard leaves thoroughly, gently removing stems. Scoop Moroccan Bean & Rice mixture onto middle of each chard leaf. Wrap gently and enjoy!



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