Chocolate Shakeology Review


My sister sent me a sample of the Chocolate Shakeology so that I could try it. I was pretty impressed with the ingredient list, which contains multiple superfoods, no GMOs, and no artificial sweeteners or other questionable ingredients – but I was very put off by the price, which is $129.95 for a 30 day supply (ordered directly from the Shakeology web site). Ouch. Though if money is no object for you, then this shake is a wonderful way to add multiple superfoods into your diet, in 1 easy shake per day.


I mixed my shake with milk (not water), which I’m sure definitely impacts the flavor of the shake. I made sure that I blended it up well before trying, and noticed that it seemed very easy to blend, and also that it didn’t clump up on me after blending. This had a dominant coconut flavor (Which I personally love. But if you don’t like coconut, then you more than likely will not.), is not sicky sweet, and has a more natural chocolate flavor (as opposed to a chocolate milk type flavor). The Shakeology stayed nice and smooth and easy to get down. There was no thickening up at all, which other brands have done.

I also noticed that Shakeology focuses heavily on superfoods, while other protein powders focus either on sprouted foods, whey, etc..

All of this to say that I think the Shakeology is a wonderful product and that it tastes great in the chocolate flavor (it is also available in vanilla, greenberry, strawberry, and vegan chocolate too). If money was no object for me, I would gladly purchase this product in every flavor to try, then re-order the flavors that I like, on a regular basis.

Do I think that it’s worth the price that they’re asking for it? Well, let’s break it down. It ends up being $4.33 per serving. I suppose that if you were using this as a meal replacement shake, then maybe it’s worth it to you. Not to mention thinking about how much it would cost to go out and purchase all of these superfoods individually, and then try getting them all into your body on a daily basis. It probably wouldn’t happen. So if you look at it from that perspective, then yes, it’s probably worth what they’re asking. But if you simply don’t have the extra cash (like me)? Then you do what you can in other ways to ensure the health of your body by eating healthfully and using other products that you CAN afford.

Yours in Health, Healthified Living


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