Original Edensoy Extra Soymilk Review & Giveaway Announcement



On my trip to the Eden Store, I purchased 3 different kinds of their soy milks. I am really impressed by the way that they make their soy milk, and they are the ONLY company whose soy milks I will even purchase. They do not use the toxic chemical hexane to process their soy milk with, as all other companies (to my knowledge) do. They also use an older method that takes more time to make their soy milks with, which is what proves to me that they truly care about their consumers, and the end result of their products. That’s very hard to find in a business, in today’s day and age!


The Original Edensoy Extra was my favorite out of all 3. I used it in cereal, for drinking straight up, and for making smoothies. I like that it has way less sugar in it, and the taste was very nice too. Again, I think that it had a very distinctive flavor to it, that sets it apart from all other soy milks on the market (that I’ve ever tasted). I think this would be great for making ice creams, baking, cooking, etc. I would definitely purchase this product again. Smooth, creamy, and delicious!


Eden Foods has generously agreed to sponsor a soy milk giveaway for Healthified Living! 2 winners will each receive: 1 Chocolate Edensoy Soymilk, 1 Vanilla Edensoy Extra, and 1 Original Edensoy Extra. Eden Foods is a company that believes in providing REAL food to its customers, and provides many healthy organic food options.

To be entered to win a 3 pack of Edensoy, please simply leave a comment below, or on the giveaway post on my Facebook page. Winners will be randomly selected from all who have entered at the end of the contest, and will be notified via private message on FB. Names and addresses of winners will be required for Eden to ship prizes. Thanks for participating and good luck everyone!

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  1. Love Edensoy products but my wife is hung up on another brand. Hopeing to convince her otherwise and these might help.

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