Shishkabobs A Plenty!


Shishkabobs are such a fun summertime “dish”. They are time consuming to assemble, but the ends certainly justify the means. You can use meat, or not. And the selection of vegetables for which to use is limited only to your imagination. Grilling lends a smoky delicious flavor to the skishkabobs, and brings back many memories of grilling years gone by. I hope you’ll get out and enjoy your grill this summer, even if it is just for vegetables!


Shishkabobs A Plenty!


* Zucchini

* Yellow Squash

* Onion

* Lean shiskabob meat

* Your favorite seasoning

Optional – you could also use tomatoes, other kinds of squash, etc.



Clean all veggies and cut into large chunks. Purchase pre-cut shiskabob meat or don’t add meat at all (whatever you prefer is perfect!). Assemble all veggies and meat onto skewers, and season with favorite seasoning powder. We used garlic herb on ours. Place on grill, being sure to keep any plastic or rubber coating on handles out of grill/heat. Close grill and allow to cook. Turn skewers over multiple times, until food is completely cooked through. You can eat these directly off of the skewers (no plate required), or you can disassemble and place on plates, eating food with forks. Enjoy!


My husband with the shishkabobs.

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