Playing in The Asparagus Patch


Yesterday we were out in the garden working, and noticed the over abundance of asparagus seeds on our huge plants. We generally pick in the early summer, and then let the last bit go to seed, so that it will continue growing, year after year.


So I went in and got a container to put the seeds in, and began picking them off, one by one. It took a while, and I only ended up picking about 3/4 of them. I came across a cute little yellowish colored grasshopper, and spoke nicely to him while picking seeds. I wish I would’ve thought to snap a picture of him!


We had one cute little watermelon plant volunteer to come back this year. We had planted the watermelons in the shade of the shed last year, and none of them produced anything. So this year, we made sure to put them further out in the garden, so that they’d get more sun. This little guy may not do much, but I’m leaving him be, just in case.

We worked the ground up good next to where the existing row of asparagus is, so that it could be expanded out.


We sprinkled all of the asparagus seeds down onto the ground, then gently covered with a thin layer of dirt. Now we wait and let the earth take over.

We also transplanted some of our Green Walking Onions yesterday too. We only had a small patch of them, and they ARE perennials. They are so much fun and are easy to transplant their seeds, since they grow off the tops of their tall green stalks. I wish I would’ve taken pictures of those too. Apologies for my lack of fore thought.


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