Quick Cinnamon Cashew Milk


I was craving cinnamon today, so I decided to add some, along with just a hint of sweetener (I used liquid Stevia) to make my homemade Cashew Milk something extra special. It was so SO good! And I must apologize in advance for the beverage not being to the top of the mug this time around. Someone (Um, I wonder who that could be?!?!) got a lil thirsty and impatient before shooting photos (I just couldn’t help myself!), so I was sure to include an over drink shot too.  😉


Cinnamon Cashew Milk


* 1 cup Quick Cashew Milk

* 2 dashes Cinnamon

* 4 drops Liquid Stevia



Pour cashew milk into your favorite mug. Add cinnamon and liquid stevia and stir until well combined. Sip to your heart’s content!



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