Steamed Veggies


I can’t think of anything better than using the fresh veggies from our garden this summer! I love raw veggies, but when they explode into a surplus that even the most dedicated vegan colony could handle, it’s time to steam those babies up!

Steaming is not only healthier than boiling fresh vegetables (because it maintains more of the vitamins and nutrition in them, it’s much easier to get more of them into your system when they’ve been reduced a bit.

This recipe is extremely simple and my veggies were done in about 15 minutes. I actually over steamed my broccoli & cauliflower by just a bit, but the carrots, peas, and green beans all turned out perfectly.


Steamed Veggies w/Butter


* Carrots

* Peas (in pods)

* Green Beans

* Broccoli

* Cauliflower

* Other veggies like non GMO Corn (optional, I did not use, since ours isn’t ready yet), Yellow Squash, Zucchini, etc. (didn’t use any of these optional veggies)

* Butter or Earth Balance Spread (for vegetarians & vegans)



Place all clean veggies in a steamer pan. Fill lower pan with hot water, and place steamer pan on top of lower pan. Place lid on top, and boil for 10-20 minutes, depending on veggie choices and hotness of your burner. Check periodically, to ensure that you don’t badly over steam the veggies.

Transfer steamed veggies to your favorite bowl or plate, and add desired amount of butter or Earth Balance Spread. Enjoy!



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