Yogurt Covered Peach “Donuts”


Here’s a delicious & healthy snack that’s shaped (and looks like) a donut. You can also use apples, plums, and pears if you’d like, instead of peaches. You can decorate the tops of these however you’d like as well – with nuts (like I did), with cinnamon sugar, etc. You could also use vanilla flavored yogurt, instead of plain, if you’d like. I love that these are so versatile, that pretty much anyone can find a flavor combination that they like. The whole family liked these, and we’ll definitely be making them again. Enjoy!


Yogurt Covered Peach “Donuts”


* Peaches (or apples, plums, pears, etc.)

* Plain Yogurt (or vanilla if you prefer)

* Toppings of your choice (nuts, cinnamon sugar, chia or sunflower seeds, etc.)



Clean your fruit thoroughly, then slice into circular shapes. Spread your “donut slices” out onto a freezer friendly pan, and coat the tops generously with your yogurt. Top with your favorite toppings, then place in freezer until “donuts” are just nicely firm (but not frozen solid). Remove from freezer and enjoy!


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