Strawberry Maca Smoothie Recipe & Maca Up Review


I’ve been greatly anticipating the arrival of my new Maca Up protein powders from Paradise Herbs. I purchased mine from Amazon here. I cracked into the Vanilla flavor today, and I was not disappointed! I took a sip of it, before transforming it into some berry bliss. I have to say that it did taste pretty plain at that point, and not very vanilla-y, but once I added the strawberries, oats, and some liquid stevia to sweeten, it was pure deliciousness! I also think it bares mentioning that maca is well known for its energy giving properties, which I did not notice any surge of, but I DID feel extremely satiated after drinking 16 oz of this, and was really happy with the outcome. And this particular protein powder is vegan/plant based, and is also touted as helping after workouts, and for building long lean muscles. I’m sold. Chocolate flavor review coming soon!


Strawberry Maca Smoothie


* 1 cup strawberries

* 1/2 cup oats

* 1 scoop Maca Up Vanilla Protein Powder

* 16 oz Milk of choice

* Liquid Stevia to taste

* Ice



Place all ingredients in a high speed blender. Blend until well incorporated. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

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