Nutty Chocolate Maca Smoothie


I’ve been wanting a smoothie with nuts in it for a few days now, but have been waiting until I could figure out a delicious way to incorporate them. Enter the Nutty Chocolate Maca Smoothie. This truly reminds me of a decadent candy bar, but without the guilt of eating one! You’ve got your chocolate, your nuts, and just a hint of sweetness to tie it all together. You’re also getting some maca, which is known to help boost energy levels, as well as some extra oat fiber & aminogen, to help aid in muscle recovery after working out. This is truly an amazing vegan protein powder! Enjoy everyone!


Nutty Chocolate Maca Smoothie


* 16 oz Milk of choice

* 1 scoop Chocolate Maca Up Protein Powder

* 1/4 cup Mixed Nuts

* Ice

* Liquid Stevia to taste



Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender. Blend until well incorporated. Pour into your favorite glass and drink up!


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